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Painting Archive

Scroll down to see some of Beryl Cook's early paintings

Hangover. Oil/ Paper. 41 x 35cms (16 x 14 ins) 1962

Football on Looe Beach. Oil / Panel. 30 x 59cms (12 x23 ins.) 1966

Ladies of the Watchtower.Oil / panel. 44 x 25cms (17 x 10ins.) 1973

'I don't often paint from sheer malice, but this was an exception........these two Jehovah's Witness campaigners were always coming to the door and pestering me.'   ('The Works' pub. John Murray 1978) 


Self Portrait  oil/paper.30x30cms ( c.6x 7ins) c.1977

Beryl prefers not to be photographed, so this self portrait often features in the back of her books!

Double sided firescreen. oil/panel, papier mache (nose),pince nez. 49x49cms (19x19 ins.) c.1970

The other side.......

The Lockyer Tavern oil/panel 77x 61cms 30 x 24ins c.1974

This painting appeared on the cover of the Sunday Times and just pre-dated Beryl's first London exhibition at Portal Gallery.

Bangs Disco  oil/panel 59x59cms (23x23ins.) c. 1976


The Queen Dancing  oil/panel  23x59 cms  (9x23 ins.) 1977. This was painted for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Compare with Royal Couple 2002.

Tattoo Parlour oil/panel 1977

Welcome  oil/panel c. 1975

'..... this is exactly how I felt when I opened the door to new guests.....I took enormous care over the see-through blouse and over the hair - red hair is one of my fetishes'  ( The Works pub. John Murray  1978)


Togetherness  oil/panel, newspaper collage  c.1976


Granny the Footballer. oil/panel. 51x51 cms. (20x20ins.) 1983

( from 'My Granny' story by Nanette Newman pub. Collins)


Granny Driving the bus ( details as above)


Granny the Lion Tamer ( details as above )


The Baron joined in everything... oil/panel. 76 x56 cms.(30x22ins.) 1989

from 'Mr. Norris changes trains' by Christopher Isherwood ( pub. Folio Society)


'An ill timed attempt.....'oil/panel.  53 x 36 cms.(21x14 ins.)

(from 'Mr. Norris changes trains' details above )


 Royal Couple oil/panel 23x23cms. (9x9 ins.) 2002

Painted for the Queen's Golden Jubilee


'Rock 'n' Rolling' 2002. oil/panel. 30 x 38 cms. (12 x 15 ins)


'Coney Island' oil/panel 66 x 53 cms  ( 26' x21'.) 1985